“Let food be your medicine and medicine
be your food”

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Indish traditional functional food

Our ancestors originally created different diets to survive after which they gradually enriched them through long empirical experiments using locally available food materials that therapeutically complement and supplement each other. The traditional food habits of each specific region of India are primarily a component of its culture. Indian culture has strongly suggested the role of diet in both preventive and therapeutic medicines. The curative effect of food is an established belief for many generations in India. These Indian traditional foods are based on the different indigenous systems of treatment which was the natural way of achieving physical and mental wellness, but their origin still remains unknown.

Epidemiological randomized clinical trials carried out in different countries have demonstrated numerous health effects related to functional food consumption such as reduction of cancer risk, improvement of heart health, stimulation of immune system, a decrease of menopausal symptoms, improvement of gastrointestinal health, maintenance of urinary tract health, anti-inflammatory effects, reduction of blood pressure, maintenance of vision, antibacterial effect, antiviral effect, reduction of osteoporosis, and anti-obese effect.

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